RM18 (Refurbished 2021 Version) (1/8 Acre / 5,445 Sq. Ft.)

Side view of RM18 with install kit - Refurbished

RM18 (Refurbished 2021 Version) (1/8 Acre / 5,445 Sq. Ft.)

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Automate your mowing experience and jump ahead to the future of lawn maintenance with the RM18 robot lawnmower. This robot lawnmower automatically mows the lawn for you. It features a mow scheduling system, which lets you set the time and area to be trimmed. This nifty feature also helps you spend more time on other more important activities like unfinished projects and added family and friend time. Aside from that, it is battery-operated, meaning no more exhaust, fumes, or harmful greenhouse gases to deal with, which means this mower is environmentally friendly and eliminates fuel costs.


The compact size of this RM18 eliminates the need for added space during storage as well. It is less cumbersome than the standard lawnmowers currently found on the market. Powering this life-changing robot mower is a 20V 3Ah lithium-ion battery paired with a highly efficient brushless motor. Together, it offers added efficiency and extended run times. Furthermore, it has three (3) razor-sharp cutting blades installed in a 7" wide cutting disc that revolves at an impressive 2900 RPM to deliver unparalleled performance. The height of these blades can be adjusted from 0.8 "-2.4", giving the ability to customize the look of the lawn to the homeowner's preferences. 


With a sound level as low as 65dB, the quiet operation of the compact-size mower is lower than that of any conventional gas-powered lawnmower, making it ideal for close-knitted residential areas. It also comes with an easy-to-use user interface that saves you time and reduces the mental workload of figuring out complicated buttons and functions. Moreover, this sturdy robot lawnmower also comes with a rain sensor that detects heavy rain. Once the water is detected, it automatically returns to the charging dock, where it will wait and then continue its mowing duties once the rain has stopped. 


The RM18 is integrated with an auto-stop safety system that will automatically stop the blades from spinning if it is aver lifted up or tipped over. Another excellent feature is the safe backup bumper that reroutes the mower in a more favorable direction so it can continue mowing if it bumps into objects like trees, curbing, or even kids playing around. In addition, it can even traverse 20-degree slopes for dealing with landscaped areas with elevation changes. 


MowRo robot lawnmowers deliver an unparalleled advantage by providing optimal mowing performance without having to get your hands dirty. High-quality components provide lasting durability for extended periods and operation. A 1-year warranty on the battery and 2-year warranty on the machine covers defects in materials, parts, or quality, assuring high operational availability.

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- No gas or oil

- No Emissions

- Reduced Water Usage

- Reduced Waste

- Reduced Fertilizer

- Reduced Noise



Customer Reviews

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No customer service, lawn mower does not know how to go home by itself.

Sent multiple emails to both the manufacturer and to redback, 0 answer. If the mower stumbles upon a outlined bush or tree by boundary wire, the mower just goes around-around until it gets stuck or runs out of battery. Tried to find new firmware by contacting suppliers, redback and manufacturer, no answer. Scammers.

Thomas N. Thiel

All my neighbors are so jealous that I have an automatic lawnmower! I pride myself on having the best grass on the block. When I first discovered Mowro, I placed an order right away and was impressed on how quickly it shipped and arrived. My dad is retired and it seemed like he has a full time job mowing his lawn so I wanted to try this out so that we could get him a mowro to free up his time so he could enjoy retirement. After reviewing it I decided why should he be the only one that frees up time? So I bought one too so that I could have more time to work towards my own retirement.The setup didn’t take as long as I thought. The directions were straight forward and I was pleasantly surprised that I could easily adjust the Mowro to cut my lawn to the exact length I like. It is so nice to be able to control my lawnmower through the app on my phone. I don’t know what will be more fun, watching my automatic lawnmower zigzag across the grass or watching my neighbors eyes change from curious too envious!I’m not going to be surprised when I see each of my neighbors setting up their own Mowros a couple weeks from now.I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a simpler life and more time spent with family and friends, instead of mowing and taking care of your lawn.


We bought this via a local big box hardware store's web site. Mentioning that because I am guessing Amazon would actually do better as far as not "accidentally" sending us a used one at new price, like the big box store did. Although we had the option to return it in person, it actually would have been just as easy for returns if we had used Amazon, so you're likely just as okay to fulfill the order here if that's a worry you have. Also, the RM24 does NOT have smart features. There is a model that does but it's about $100 more expensive. Took me awhile to realize we got the dumb one. What does that say about me, lol. But truly - I'm not a tech wizard nor particularly handy AND I have a TBI (which was why we got it, but also because of angry stinging insects and an allergy to life itself), so if I can do this, you can too.Now, about the robot...We have a hillier yard than the RM24 is graded for, which means it spends a lot of time literally spinning its wheels, stuck on wet grass or soil where traction is tougher. We plan to eventually transition hilly areas to wildflowers, so will move the boundary cable. But for now, we just spend a little bit of time every day just helping our little Mowbuddy out. This isn't for you if you want an absolutely perfect lawn all the time. It will tear up the grass and leave little wheel marks on many uneven or hilly spots especially when the ground is wet. But it does good about keeping our lawn within local ordinance laws.And it's cute. We gave it googly eyes and a mustache. The neighborhood drivers slow down and actually use the often-forgotten stop sign to stare at it. So even if it isn't the best mower, it makes our neighborhood safer. It also attracts dog people to our yard because so far at least two dogs have insisted upon holding a face-to-face conversation with it. The internet named it Mowbot McMowface via popular vote (some other possible votes were RoboChop, Mowzart, Mowpheus, etc). We tell stories about it to our friends, such as that it likes to try to drive up a tree and gets stuck, so we used a Bouncer to protect the tree. But then it just climbed the frog to get even higher up the tree (the solution was Duckbert McWaddleson, the Bouncer's backup). So this thing is basically a 3 star mower (unless your yard is perfectly dry and flat) but a 5 star entertainment piece.The boundary wire was obnoxious and took about a month to get it right, plus two calls to Mowro. Their customer service via phone is excellent. I tried via email too and they wanted order number and other specific info I couldn't find and I didn't care enough, so I gave up and just called. Apparently one of the most frequent issues people have is putting the "in" line in the "out" plug. The "in" wire runs down the middle of the base station (base is pictured in background of Duckbert's photo). The wire runs only one direction, so the robot will follow it in a predictable way to calibrate where it is if it gets lost, meaning you'll have at least the first mow, possibly another mow later, where the robot only runs along the wire, touches nose to nose to the charging hook things, then dismounts the base unless it needs to charge. If it spins or fails to ever leave the boundary wire, switch the wire plugs. It's in the wrong hole (twss). You may also want to buy spare wire, splittors, and stakes. We ended up actually getting metal stakes like are used for dog invisible fences and those work alright. Because our home is hilly, it still will get its tires caught on the wire after a rainy day or where we didn't stake it well enough. There's a learning curve. No issues with broken wires yet (after one season) but the splitters have worked well where we have had to intentionally break the wire to make more space. Also, IMPORTANT LESSON for boundary wire - leave extra loops around your yard that are also staked down. This is important because you will probably need to make adjustments and it prevents you having to pull up all the stakes across the entire yard just to get a little slack.. We definitely made some mis-stakes, lol. Also, don't immediately press your splitter down just because it looks like a weird button. Look up what a splitter is. DO NOT PUSH THE BLUE BUTTON until you know what it does and how it works. I wrecked a few before I learned my lesson. Whoops.You do have to set up the base station in your yard, not your garage. The plug and adapter have to stay dry. We haven't solved that conundrum yet. We unplug the base during major storms and bring the bot itself inside, put to sleep via killswitch. It is our baby and we are overprotective. Though we have left it outside overnight in rain before because we aren't exactly the Best Robot Parents ever either. But it didn't mind. It comes from a strong family line that sometimes appreciates a good shower, even when the rain makes its eyes fall off. We learned our lesson about putting the base station outside (not in the garage) after someone hit i...


Getting ready to retire thought I would try this, the guide wire is worthless never was able to make it follow thw lawn

Do•• ••Ld

Getting ready to retire thought I would try this, the guide wire is worthless never was able to make it follow thw lawn